HR Advisory

Our Advisory projects support successful transition in organisational systems and processes. We see the changes and disruptions in the world as an opportunity to revolutionize HR in your organisations to sustain and develop productivity. Our decades of experience uniquely qualifies us to offer solutions that build and support your people strategies in order to ensure organizational success. We provide best practice consulting services to both local and international organizations whose vision is to make an impact in their respective spaces.

Some of the HR Advisory services we offer are listed below:

Compensation and Benefit Surveys

Over the years, we have been able to amass partnerships and relationships with thousands of companies...

Employee Engagement

We design a realistic and applicable system to constantly evaluate your primary asset – the talent.

Job Evaluation

Our Job Evaluation Services draw from best practice guidelines and methodologies to determine the worth of each role in your organization.

Succession planning framework

We help identify Tier 1 talent who are able to fill the big shoes in the company.

Organizational Culture Management

We use systems and tools to create and design a culture that supports global changes.

Data Analytics

With Data Analytics, we assist our clients with studying patterns and numbers to make better business strategic decisions.

Change Management

The weight and impact of change differs from company to company. No matter the scope, we can support you.

Workforce Planning

Our service in this regard ensures our clients clearly map out the required talent for the present and future growth of the organization.

HR Strategy

It is key that your people strategy aligns with your business strategy. More important than that is the adequate formulation of the people strategy and ensuring compliance.

Performance Management Redesign

We understand the importance of being able to make a tangible link between employee performance and organizational goals

Rewards and Recognition Strategies

Still in line with the belief that your people are your greatest asset, we also preach a competitive reward system. It is important to note that

HR Systems and Technology

Over time, we have come to possess the experience and skills needed to select and implement the best HR Technology solutions for organizations.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion consultancy product is poised to help organisations address the Racial, ethnic and gender disparities that persist in most workplaces even till today. Kimberly Ryan is well positioned to be your partner as you move towards having a more diverse and equitable workplace.

Our DEI Offerings

Organisation-wide DE&I Scan

Organisation-wide DE&I Policy

Integration of DE&I policy into all HR processes including Compensation and Benefit, recruitment and selection process, etc.

Internal campaign regarding DE&I

DE&I Training programme

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