January 5th 2023 Kimberly Ryan Limited Blog Post

Losing Your Momentum

Getting a job can be an intoxicating feeling, and it comes with a rush of new experiences. For the first few weeks you’ll ride an emotional high like no other as you settle in, get to know your roles, responsibilities, and figure out how to interact with your new co-workers.

However, people adapt relatively quickly. As you settle into your new role you may soon find that flash of inspiration which carries you forward fading, leaving nothing but smoking embers in its wake.

This article is going to outline various reasons you may be feeling demotivated in your role and suggest some solutions.

The first possible reason is isolation.

Working from home has been a boon in many ways; keeping us safe from possible infection during these trying times, establishing a trend of more flexible working hours and giving companies the opportunities to test out initiatives without bearing the burden of a loss. It has also come with some downsides.

In an office environment you will typically almost always be in contact with your co-workers. The day to day hustle and bustle will see you approaching them to deliver messages, collaborate on projects, or simply just chatting to pass the time during a break.

Working from home means that while you handle your day much like in an office, there will be a certain level of disconnection. If you are the kind of person who thrives in social situations, then this disconnection could quickly lead to you feeling isolated.

The solution to isolation while working from home, is reaching out to your co-workers. It can be as informal as a text message asking how their day is going, if there are any tasks they could use assistance or a second opinion on, or as involved as taking the time to call in to talk with them.

While this is no replacement for being physically present, opening a line of communication will help keep the lonelier hours away, and it could even have the advantage of making a new friend.

The second possible reason is dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction with your job typically arises when the reality of a working situation diverts from your expectations, which would typically be your responsibilities.

Feeling dissatisfied with your responsibilities can be tricky to pinpoint. Perhaps you feel like you are being given too much to do, or perhaps you feel like the work you are given isn’t as engaging as it could be.

If you feel like your workload has become overwhelming the solution may lie in restructuring your timetable. If you typically find yourself unable to focus for long hours, take more frequent but shorter breaks to reset your flow. When you find that you are unable to see the bigger picture of a problem, take the time to look away from work and towards something that inspires you.

If you find that your duties aren’t engaging any more, attempt to innovate. Task yourself to see how efficiently you can get your work done and aim for a mixture of speed and precision. If you can manage to turn a duty into a challenge, it may not make it any more enjoyable to perform it, but it will make finishing it something to look forward to.

The third possible reason is a lack of drive.

Your drive is integral to any task you perform. While anyone can do a job well enough to earn a salary, those who truly excel in their position must have a reason they choose to perform a task.

You must think of what drew you into this field of work; perhaps you want to help people and see them succeed, or you’re here to make a name for yourself. Maybe you’re only here to learn and improve your own abilities for a larger playing field.

Whatever the reason, to keep your momentum from failing you must find your drive and hold it tight. It is the light that’ll keep you steady in the darker days of insecurity and uncertainty.

We hope this short article has been of some assistance to you, and wish you good luck with your experiences in the working industry going forward.

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