Kimberly Ryan provides top talent for various types of positions, ranging from senior executives to frontline line staff, in addition to assisting our clients in sourcing and recruiting specialised or scarce talent. KR executive search is based on our talent-mapping framework, which leverages on our extensive networking and industry focus coupled with the effective utilisation of new technology and social media platforms. The KR recruitment service is based on the tripartite principles of Research, Evaluation and Validation.


Kimberly Ryan provides talented professionals that match position specifications and the organizational cultural dynamics. We proffer best match solution based on our in-depth understanding of the client’s needs and requirements. These range from advert placement, short listing, database and e-application management, competency based interviews, assessment centre design and implementation, psychometric assessments and background checks which can be chosen in a modular fashion or in an all-inclusive solution via a complete recruitment process.


The KR Aptitude and Ability Assessment tools provides comprehensive and in-depth measure of mental capacity, reasoning level, clerical aptitudes and skills, technical and professional skills. They cover general aptitude knowledge as well as job specific tests. The results can be used in conjunction with other evidence to make objective predictions about likely success in a job function.

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KR Talent Pool Creation and Management

Kimberly Ryan can help create a Talent Pools for our clients who are considering an expansion. This service will provide “hit- the- ground running”, access to candidates. We also provide Online Application Management solutions via our “KR Accelerate” Portal for our clients who manage mass recruitments especially at the graduate level.

    Kimberly Ryan is a partner with internationally renowned experts SHL and PSYTECH UK.
    We have professionally certified employees of the British Psychological Society.
    KR works with our clients to develop job specific assessment questions and recruitment software.