Kimberly Ryan Outsourcing. A comprehensive and customisable bouquet of outsourcing services delivering an unparalled synergy of people, processes and projects.


People outsourcing is a growing trend that many companies around the world are adopting to achieve greater organisational flexibility, improved efficiency, reduced overheads and a hassle free HR management.
The Kimberly Ryan outsourcing subsidiary KR Outsourcing caters to the needs of todays businesses, delivering cost-effective and operational benefits leveraged by outsourcing services.
The pioneering KR Outsourcing solution for employees, effectively relieves our partner organisations from the rigours of day to day HR operational management, enabling them to focus on more strategic and value adding enterprise activities.
Key HR processes are seamlessly integrated to deliver an across-the-board outsourcing solution for our clients:


  • Recruiting, hiring and outplacement of employees
  • Background checks and verifications
  • Maintenance of personnel files
  • Processing of salaries and pay packages
  • Income tax management for employees
  • Medical benefits / insurance management
  • Terminal benefits management
  • Retail



KR in collaboration with its strategic partners offers a complete end to end seamless people, process and function outsourcing solution which includes designing, strategy, planning and implementation, expansion, manpower deployment and managing the work flow.

Utilising a one stop shop approach, KR takes complete responsibility and accountability for all process and function outsourcing requirements helping our clients to focus on their core business.

We provide process and function outsourcing solutions for:

  • Call Centers
  • Front desk & Customer Care
  • Back Office operations
  • IT hardware and systems support & Staffing



By establishing strong partnerships with our clients and understanding their ways of working towards their strategic goals.

Our technical expertise and business experience enable us to understand your business objective and deploy processes and resources to deliver quality projects to set deadlines.

KR offers a wide range of project outsourcing services across various industry verticals. Including:

  • Bulk hiring solutions
  • Retail operations – front line staff
  • Government sector outreach projects
  • Empowerment Skills training
  • Incubation and CSR projects
  • IT Project Implementation
  • IT Hardware and systems support & Staffing


  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Public Sector
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecoms
  • Manufacturing