Human Resource Strategy

Our HRD process is designed to assess, evaluate and understand employees, existing structures and the underlining philosophy that drive our clients’ organization. Through this process we provide necessary interventions that provide our clients with a platform on which to align HRM with overall corporate objectives and strategy. Some of our areas of specialization include:

  • Compensation and benefits Surveys/ Audits and structures
  • Employment and educational certification verification
  • Work force planning and development
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Design of Competency Models
  • HR System Automation
  • Appraisal Diagnostics
  • Talent Retention Strategies
  • HR Flow and Process Design
  • Skills audits and Job Evaluation
  • Organisational development and strategy

HR Systems & Technology

Kimberly aims to be at the forefront of helping our client’s with technology based solutions support the deployment and ongoing management of their HR functions. Our Human resource information systems solutions include applications:

  • Online performance monitoring / appraisal /assessment systems
  • Time and attendance solutions
  • Biometric security, and Employee identification solutions
  • Payroll Solutions
  • Paperless HR solutions
  • Industry focused e-learning solutions

Policy System Design

We use predictive tools to measure the most likely predictors of motivation and/or dissatisfaction in our clients’ organization. This service includes determining structure for compensation, Skills inventory and assessments, Data collection – compensation surveys & executive rewards.

Development Initiatives

We also design and implement comprehensive systems for effective performance monitoring and performance management, at both the strategic and tactical level:

  • At the strategic level it is concerned with setting achievable goals for the organisation and developing the competence and capability to achieve these goals.
  • At the tactical level it means we help you create an environment in which people are motivated to excel and exercise their talents. It involves managing relationships, monitoring and reviewing performance, taking action to improve it and finding better ways of getting the best out of people.