The KR enterprise and Skills development unit works with Government. Non-government organizations and the private sector, to develop, design and implement catalytic programs to capacitate SMEs, and Entrepreneurs. Our aim is to expand the capacity of SMEs, support job creation and provide business opportunities to absorb the increasing number of unemployed youth and women in our target markets.


It is a known fact that SMEs are the largest providers of jobs therefore it is important that new SMEs be nurtured, incubated and developed into sustainable enterprises.

KR Works with selected partners to build SME capacity by identifying and initiating sector-specific technical skills development and business training programmes. These include,

  • Product Development
  • Business development support services, including how to access business opportunities set aside for the Youth and SMs in the country
  • Training / skills development related to business management,
  • Capacitate SMEs to comply with legislative requirements.
  • Capacitation of SME on quality standards to act as suppliers and on local content opportunities.
  • Delivery of Soft Skills and etiquette required in business
  • Assistance in the identification and recruitment of skilled staff for SME businesses
  • Financial Inclusion projects.
  • Critical skills development sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, ICT and tourism / hospitality sectors.
  • Sector-specific technical skills development and mentorship programmes for each of the agriculture, manufacturing, ICT and tourism / hospitality sectors.
  • Establish SME Business Hubs for Youth and SMEs to support development of entrepreneurial skills and SME enterprises in the country
  • Matchmaking service to facilitate the development of supply chain linkages between SMEs and larger enterprises.


KR Works with partner organizations

  • On preparing CSR Implementation roadmap and budgets.
  • Training and implementation partners.
  • Bridging resource gaps by training and sensitizing partners before project implementation
  • Defining processes and reporting frameworks to measure outcomes and monitor progress



The Critical skills associated with entrepreneurship include the ability to take initiative and creatively seek out and identify opportunities; develop budgets and project resource needs and potential income; understand options for developing needed capital and trade-offs associated with different options; and communicating effectively and marketing their products & services.

KR Entrepreneurial Development programmes includes:

  • Entrepreneurship orientation
  • The development of the competencies (skills, experience and attitudes) necessary to recognize a market opportunity and organize the resources to meet it.
  • The improvement of business performance for growth and competitiveness.
  • Tailored Incubation and mentoring.